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Check out how to get up to 12% more cow performance

and higher calving rates permanently by natural means

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Dairy cow stress management

New! Natural method of improving herd performance.

Due to long term ill health problems, no doubt associated with agricultural chemicals I used in the maize industry, I have spent the last four years researching natural and repressed health treatments and cures. My problems included Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Diabetes type 2, inflammatory blood pressure, and recently identified was Leaky Bowel Syndrome. Thankfully all of these are now cured or close to normality, due to the knowledge gained in this period.

Through this journey my family and I have found a huge resource in energetic and healing frequencies. Everything in nature has a frequency, just as music, electricity, radio, wireless transmissions of TV, cordless and cell phones, modems, Wi-Fi, computers, and now smart meters do. All produce or are frequencies, broadly classed as EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies). Unfortunately many of these are harmful to humans in levels of over exposure, which is becoming more common by the day.

Our major discovery was in the good energising and healing frequencies found in nature. Take Tourmaline for example, a natural earth crystalline mineral. When warmed it produces Negative ions, Far Infrared Rays and Alpha waves. Then there is a range of frequencies called Solfeggio Frequencies (Google it) that encompasses six aspects of health and healing, once buried by the ‘powers that be’ for being too effective. Then again there is the Scalar frequency, one of many names for the frequency on which humans are created (also on Google). All are healing or de-stressing.

Now while the western world has been ignoring this natural asset, the eastern world has been at work creating a host of products based on the technologies that protect us against excessive EMF exposure, and have de-stressing and healing properties. Our involvement and health benefits from this technology led us to form a website business providing natural health aids, and with our research and training we now have a clinic at Maungatapere.

So what does this have to do with cows?

During our journey of discovery, we found that animals also respond to these frequencies and ionic energies. My Daughter Annwyn, who manages our office, had a large dog that was going to be put down at a young age with untreatable Arthritis. We put a tourmaline wrist band on his collar, and within hours he stood up and walked, and lived relatively pain free for another 3 years. His story is on our web site We are also currently researching the effect of frequencies with horses on stress related problems, with very obvious good results.

The cows? The cows?

It was only a matter of time before someone realised the commercial significance of using this technology for Dairy Cow Stress Management, and increasing animal health and milk production. Some commercial trials have already been done in New Zealand with very positive results.

How does it work?

It’s all about stress. Cows are subject to stress, wind, rain, heat, herd and nutrient stress, and getting pregnant. Reduce this stress and the animal will do better, very profitably better, it is as simple as that. The product is in the form of ear tags, which release subtle energies to the animal constantly. Photo shows the prototype tag.

Research carried out in NZ over one full year, with a trial mob of 100 against the balance of the herd as control, revealed the following;

The cows wearing the product produced on average 12% more milk than control cows, returning an additional NZ$451 per cow. Average fat production increased by 31.8kg, and protein by 18.2kg.

With pregnancy rates, the trial cow empty rate dropped to 2%, against control cows at 12%, and trial cows gained weight and became 54kg’s heavier on average than control cows.

The tests show that trial cows maintained their production better than control cows in the hot months of December and January, and also maintained better production in April when control cows were dropping off. It stands to reason that less stressed cows in better condition will perform to optimal levels through periods of stress.

Financially the trial mob increased bottom line income by NZ$45,000 per 100 cows, and the 10% increase in pregnancy was calculated at NZ$12,000 per 100 cows.

If you want to examine the trial results in more detail I can direct you to the site if you send our ‘contact’ form with your details.

The ear tag product we are developing will have similar, but hopefully slightly improved elements than the one used in the trial, and is anticipated to be an insert you slip on a standard number or EID tag. We are looking for a few progressive thinking farm owners that would trial a portion of their herd with herd testing records. The product will be heavily discounted for the trial period until more generalised results are achieved.

Like land drainage, once the initial cost has been met, the ongoing extra production and profitability just keeps on going without input from you. A no brainer really. Who wants a net production increase of 12% for no extra farm input? Article by Neil Carter