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Northland Laser Drainage Ltd 

With - Your Health Naturally NZ Ltd

Pasture growth, pasture development,tile drainage, subsurface drainage, increase dairy production, increase fat and protein, pain management

Land Drainage

Northland Laser Drainage was founded in 1983, purchased a few years later by Neil Carter, and ran as a sole trader business for many years.

In the late 90's expansion to two prime draincoil machines took place and today the business operates as a Company with Neil Carter as sole director. In the early days clients hooked our metal carts to their tractors and installed metal in the trench themselves. Those days have long gone with pressure for speed in our work, and highly skilled tractor operators needed for rolling to steep work. We have a permanent staff of 5 and 1 seasonal staff member.

The business has a vast experience and knowledge in grassland and horticulture production problems associated with wetness, high water tables and compaction problems, and has developed and perfected hill country drainage techniques.

In recent years we have been involved in several major Dairy redevelopment projects, two of these involving in excess of 46,000 metres each. A significant portion of one farm has required many kilometres of roading constructed by Neil to carry the trencher and metal tractor on steep and broken country, as well as several landslide remediation repairs. This client then put a bulldozer over the land to smooth it up to a point where it was safe for tractors to work it.

Our dairy clients commonly reach up to 30% more production with 85% of their farm drained. Drainage cost is usually recovered in two to four years from the extra production generated on dairy farms. Drainage pipes are installed to pre determined daily excess water removal, with surveyed grades, using laser control technology to control depth & grade.

Engineered solutions give superior results and long life. While we have always used a drainage engineer to plan work, in recent years Neil has given up the trencher seat and is now a highly skilled drainage engineer and designer.

We aspire to the highest level of installation workmanship, guided by International Standards for Subsurface Drainage installation and our own developed techniques.

We generally operate North of Auckland, but other areas are considered. Consultancy is available for difficult larger drainage projects in other areas.

Why us?

Over 50 years combined drainage experience on board.

Quality assurance.

We keep it going afterwards - pipe cleaning and fault finding service.

We cover digger and truck requirements.

Expert design and engineering to high standards.